Thăng Tiến Ngành Giáo Dục Đức Tin Giới Trẻ Công Giáo


Huấn Luyện Huynh Trưởng

Huấn luyện thanh thiếu niên trở thành những người Huynh Trưởng lãnh đạo phục vụ cho ngành giời trẻ là việc mục vụ hàng đầu của Phong Trào nhằm gia tăng đức tin cho thành viên và nỗ lực cống hiến trong việc tông đồ giáo dân cho giới trẻ.

Youth Educator Trainer

We develop and maintain a high standard educator trainer program in house to address specific Youth Leader formation according to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church in advancement of the faith.

Consultation and Support

Information and support services are two very important activities in our program planning to effectively share resources, provide consultation and ultimately delegate representative to the local parish in the implementation step of new Chapter integration.


Vocation Discernment

The Eucharistic Youth Movement is gathering youth on good soil to nurture their strong root and healthy growth in religious formation and naturally encouraging the call for vocation discernment as every youth are children of God being call to "walk in the light of God" (Jn 8:12)

Companion and Knight Convention

National Eucharistic Youth convention gathers many youths from all provinces across Canada come together to meet their peers, share and renew their faith, learning new experiences, workshops, proclaim the good news, praise and worship, rally entertainments, and go forth with joy in the Lord.


Youth Leader Convention

Youth servant leaders across the country are gathering very fourth year to renew their faith, share success and challenge experiences, engage and consultation to learn new approach in effective youth leadership in ever challenging society.



Youth and youth leader retreats are routinely organizing at the regional and inter-chapters are many rest stops along the journey of faith helping candidates rediscover God presence in every moment of life.


Summer Camps

Summer camp programs services are available at various local inter-chapters for local children, teenage and youth to explore nature and develop social skills, learn disciplinary team work, try out leading roles, and strengthen their faith through praise and worship activities.

Why support and Join Eucharistic Youth ?

The environment is right for children's and youth's growth

While many institution and organization offer programs services to children and youth, The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth movement had the unique environment best suited for children and youth to develop and form the best moral individual and the devote Christian.

Healthy and safe environment with dedicate services
Morally and Spiritually responsible

Our Strengths

Understanding youth culture and their social environment, our core services are developed on a full person being in both their natural skills and spiritual formation.

Formation, summer camp, progressive growth, activities and meeting are five core teaching formats yield the most effective learning outcome in children development process.

Sunday Gospels and simple apostolic activities
Morning offering prayer, Communion, sacrifice, apostolic works, and night prayer are moments of the day to live to the fullness in union with Jesus Christ.

Mục Vụ các Ngành

Phong Trào Thiếu Nhi Thánh Thể mục vụ thăng tiến giáo dục đức tin Công giáo và rèn luyện nhân bản cho giới thiếu nhi, thiếu niên và giới trẻ qua năm nghành từ lứa tuổi Ấu nhi đến Hiệp Sĩ và riêng cấp Huynh Trưởng trở thành những cộng tác viên đắc lực trong việc mục vụ giáo dục đức tin cho giới trẻ.

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