Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Canada

is a non-profit organization, under the leadership of the Catholic Church.
Its aim is to organize and guide youths to form virtuous individual and devote Christians offering apostolic services for the youth.




Article 1: Origin and Name
The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement originally was called Nghĩa Binh Thánh Thể, and was a branch of the Apostolate Prayer established for the youth by Fr. Bessières, S.J. in 1915 in France in the spirit of the Decree Quam Singulari issued by Pope Pius X, which encouraged and allowed for young people to receive communion at an early age. The four traditional pillars of Nghĩa Binh Thánh Thể was: Prayer and Apostolic Work (extracted from the Apostolate Prayer), Eucharist (regular reception of communion according to the decree of Pope Pius X), and Sacrifice (based on the spirit of the Đạo Binh Thánh Giá “crusader”, sacrifice for the sake of the Church).

Nghĩa Binh Thánh Thể Việt Nam was established by the Order of St. Sulpice Monastery in 1929 at the Seminary administered by the E1cole Puginier Brothers in Hà Nội, with traditional religious purposes. After a period development in activities throughout the dioceses, Nghĩa Binh Thánh Thể issued a set of Unified Rules in 1964, in which the name was changed to Eucharistic Youth Movement of Việt Nam, emphasizing the purpose of youth education. In the unceasing progress of the movement and to respond to the increasing need for more effective youth education, a new set of Rules for the Eucharistic Youth Movement of Việt Nam was born, approved by the Bishops Conference of Việt Nam in January 1971.

After 1975, the Eucharistic Youth Movement of Việt Nam sprung up in miraculous ways in Vietnamese Catholic communities in many countries throughout the world including: France, Germany, the United States, Norway, Australia… Presently in the United States and Canada, the movement is called: the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the United States (VEYMUSA) and in Canada (VEYM-CAN) respectively.
Article 2: Purpose
Article 3: Foundation
Article 4: Ideal
Article 5: Principles
Article 6: Observance
Article 7: Education Methods
Article 8: Direction
Article 9: Related entities for cooperation



Article 10: Organization

2.10.1    Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in Canada adopted its governance in a hierarchical organization structure model:

  • National Council (National)
  • Regional Council (Interprovincial)
  • Interchapter/Independent Chapters Council (Diocese)
  • Chapter Council (Parish, Congregation)
Article 11: Chapter (see ill. 1)
Article 12: Branch (see ill. 2)
Article 13: Group
Article 14: Team (see ill. 2)
Article 15: Governing the Chapter
Article 16: Interchapter
Article 17: Interchapter Leadership Council (see ill. 4)
Article 19: Interchapter Committee in charge of Training

Services Divisions

VEYM offer advancement of religious education and formation to full spectrum of members from K grade to post academic years throughout the five stages of youth development from Primary to Knight Division and the Youth Leadership Service Level is our most value donor of volunteer times in guiding the young.













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